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Living Room


These smaller specialty projects can have a big visual and functional impact on the way you live in your house. Typical projects can be a bookcase, entertainment center, mantle, fireplace, stairwell, updated doors, windows, changing an interior wall or doorway, living room etc.



Watching the old kitchen transform into the new client inspired design is incredibly rewarding and why we do what we do. We strive for Classic, Timeless, Storage-Filled, Functional Kitchens.

Office Space


Most Basements are often overlooked as habitable living space, with low hanging ducts, pipes, beams and steep and narrow stairwells. When designed and remodeled professionally they can be great extended living spaces for Entertainment Areas, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, Storage Closets and Utility Rooms.



Whether you just need an update of the finishes in your existing Bathroom, a complete Bathroom remodel and reconfiguration or add a new Bath, we have been doing these types of projects for over 12 years, and would love to help with yours.


These may be driven by your need for an improved connection to the outdoors or to improve curb appeal. Exterior projects include new Decks, Deck Roofs, Pergolas, Patios, Walkways, Exterior Cladding, Front Porches or anything that entices you outdoors.